Brussels' Welsh inventor

Ysgrifennwyd gan/Written by Dafydd ab Iago

"One evening, I walked into a William Hill betting shop in Liverpool and was struck by the notion that stakes could be equalised in order to obtain a same return and make an overall profit as long as any one selection in the betting event wins," said Brussels Welshman Richard Edwards.

One thing led to another and Richards, who programs for a profession, was obsessed with the idea of a betting programme that with a pre-determined staking budget that could be decided by the punter. "This would be the provision for a selected set of betting events and runners, also determined by the punter," says Richards.

The powerful staking plan is based on a total staking budget. "The staking plan is decided by the punter in advance almost completely eliminating the risk in any kind of betting," adds Richards. The programme was recently launched by the author on CD-ROM.

Edwards says he makes a very good living using it regularly himself and wants other punters, including members of the Brussels Welsh Society, to benefit as well. "The computer will split up the budget into component amounts to stake on each selection in each betting event such that only one runner in one betting event need win to make a same overall profit on the total staking budget," explains Edwards.

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