Every Day was Summer

This book is set in a small Welsh seaside town and has just been republished and is available through Amazon.com, in hardback or paperback.

It is the story of three sisters as they grow up in Harlech, a small Welsh village by the sea, in North Wales during the early years of the 20th century.

One of the girls, Laura, is the authors mother. My father, Wynne, has turned those mainly funny memories and anecdotes in to a charming and vivid read. The book covers some of the wider history of the time too, including stories of Harlech soldiers during the 1st WW, as the author calls them the 'Men of Harlech' (after the song). He has also included some wonderful photos and drawings.

This story leaves you with a desire to go to Harlech to see if any of the families are still there, especially with all its aristocratic connections for such a small place.-It hasn't changed much in 100 years- my children have played in the same places as Laura, Elsie and Beattie. They knew Elsie as she died on Millennium eve at 97.

My father and mother now live 15 miles away from Harlech, and go often to have a pot of tea in the Plas.

I hope you have found this interesting, and should you have any questions I'd be delighted to answer them, my e-mail is below, as I am the liaison for my father.


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